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Acro Real Estate is a leading real estate developer in Israel. The company specializes in identifying attractive investments in high-demand areas and generating capital appreciation through branding and market differentiation, carrying out projects that target increases in property value compared to the competition.

Acro develops and constructs a wide range of luxury residential projects, commercial areas, and offices, from conventional buildings and historic structures intended for preservation and restoration, to modern towers, entire neighborhoods in Tel Aviv and its surroundings, and even high-demand areas in the USA.

Acro Real Estate’s growth and success is thanks to its tight-knit professional team with in-depth expertise and experience in finance, law, engineering, planning, design, construction, development, and marketing. The Acro team works together harmoniously to maximize the potential of every project.

Acro aims to further consolidate its position at the forefront of the real estate development field by constantly maintaining superior standards of planning, management, and implementation for all its projects in Israel and overseas, as part of its company vision

Notable projects include: Rothschild 17 residential tower; Gymnasia Tower; Atrium 63 (Tel Aviv Cinema); Alpha Tower Tel Aviv; Sea View Business Complex, Herzliya Pituach; Oro Tower, Jaffa; Arsuf Panoramic; Tel Aviv Towers; Da Vinci Residence Tower; and more.

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Tidhar Group is one of the largest and best-regarded private real estate companies in Israel. It has been ranked seventh among the country’s leading real estate developers (according to BDI and Dun's 100 rankings), and is the only real estate company to receive the Yitzhak Rabin National Award for Quality & Excellence. Tidhar has also won numerous awards and honors for its commitment to delivering excellent quality and service.

Founded in 1993, the Tidhar Group handles real estate development and construction for residential, commercial, and business project in Israel and internationally, as well as many income-producing properties. Since its establishment, the company has constructed over than 14,000 apartments in more than 200 projects, leaving its mark on Israel's real estate sector.

Tidhar is one of the few companies dedicated to supervising the entire construction process from A to Z, from the project initiation, through the design process, to the actual on-site construction. Throughout every stage, Tidhar maintains its core values of reliability, personal excellence, enterprise, teamwork, focusing on the client, dedication to delivering results, and meeting deadlines. Its skilled engineering staff, extensive experience, advanced information systems, unique customer service, and innovative project management enable Tidhar Group to consistently set new standards for quality and professionalism.

Tidhar Group’s major projects include: Tidhar on the Park, Psagot Afek; Tidhar on the Park, Yavne; Rimonei Tidhar, Ramat HaSharon; HaShachar Tower, Givatayim; Givatayim West complex; Ritz-Carlton, Herzliya Marina; Beeri Tower, Tel Aviv; and more.


ישר אדריכלים

The design vision behind FLORENTIN VILLAGE comes from Yashar Architects, one of Israel’s leading architectural firms, which has embodied Israel's progressive architectural culture since the 1950s.

Yashar Architects was founded in 1956 by architect Yitzhak Yashar, and today the firm is managed by his son Avner Yashar, himself an accomplished architect known nationwide. The firm is therefore based on two generations of exceptionally creative architectural design, and handles first-class architecture and design projects on the international stage. Yitzhak Yashar planned some of the largest and most well-known buildings in Tel Aviv, including the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv University's Mexico Building, and Dizengoff Center. These buildings represent a unique combination of functional elements and experiential aesthetic features, while reflecting the climatic, topographical, cultural, and personal nature of each structure, and maintaining a dialogue with the surrounding environment. The firm’s wide range of future projects includes residential towers, office towers, shopping malls, industrial parks, public buildings, urban planning, interior design, and more.

Yashar Architects’ most prominent projects include: Rothschild 17 residential tower, Sea View complex, Noya Residential Complex, Tel Aviv Cinema, Gymnasia Tower, Delek Motors Tower, W Tower and W Prime Tower.



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